Halloween Goodies

I didn’t intend for my VERY FIRST blog post to be on Halloween, it just happened that way! (I will be blogging every Wednesday, so be sure to check back on those days).  Nevertheless, today is a great day to have an excuse to eat ridiculous amounts of candy and celebrate fall. So that’s just what I am doing.  Cupcakes have been decorated, my pumpkin spice candle is burning, Thriller is on Pandora, & I am all decked out in orange and black. I cannot wait until the little monsters & princesses (& yes I’m aware that probably a lot of teenagers with pillow cases lol) ring my doorbell tonight – this will be our 1st Halloween in our own HOUSE in a family neighborhood, so there’s a reason to celebrate as well!  Surrounding myself with seasonal traditions, smells, colors, decor & music may all be little things, but they are a HUGE part of me loving every day ♥

I recently discovered a store near my house called Ollie’s – it’s a bargain store & not the most organized of places, but if you look hard enough you can find some really cute things. These cupcake liners are from there, as well as the Halloween themed stickers that I put on my pyrex pan.

Even the sprinkles & edible leaves are from Ollies!

Speaking of a bargain, I found these little pumpkins at a flea market last year. I bought so many that I had some leftover to use as gifts. We recently had new neighbors move next door so I used it as a welcome gift, filled it with cookies & tied on a decorative tag.

I hope you all have a fun & safe Halloween! And it’s ok to have that “just one more” piece of candy ; )



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