Eat, Drink & Be Thankful

Tomorrow is the start of my favorite time of year: Thanksgiving, my birthday, my mom’s birthday, Christmas & New Year’s. It’s a whole 6 weeks of ALL my favorite things: tradition, celebration, sweet treats, & an explosion of creative decorating, gift wrapping & giving!  Thanksgiving helps me remember to begin this festive time with being grateful for everything I have.  When you take a moment to think about what you are thankful for, it helps put everything in perspective during what can often be a CRAZY busy & stressful time of year. This year I am vowing to not obsess over my house being perfect or stress over the fact that I haven’t even thought about my Christmas cards yet…I am going to try to spend more time being thankful & enjoying the reason for the season.

For those of you hosting Thanksgiving at your house, here’s some easy last minute inspiration – & these fun thought-provoking activities aren’t just for the kids’ table! Make this year memorable by incorporating an interactive element for ALL of your guests. There’s lots of different ways to do this that will match any Thanksgiving table style. Up cute are these placemats?!

This would make a unique centerpiece or backdrop to a drink or dessert table..

These are FREE favor label printables! (links below)

Here a stamp was used on a gift tag cut-out. Oh & I just love these wooden pencils!

Another FREE printable to frame..

This is a little off the “thankful” topic (although I don’t know about you, but I am VERY thankful for coffee!) I couldn’t resist including this really easy last-minute centerpiece DIY: just use dried peas – or any type of dried beans, seeds, etc. – a candle, and a vase! Coffee beans are also decorative while making your house smell amazing at the same time. You can even create layers of color by stacking different types of dried food on top of each other.

Photo Credit LinksAlways Thankful Sign ** I am Thankful For Placemat ** The Thankful Tree ** Thankful Favor Label ** Thankful For Cards ** With A Grateful Heart Printable ** Dried Peas Centerpiece ** Coffee Bean Centerpiece **





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