Color Happy

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Today’s post is about one of the very 1st & biggest wedding decisions: COLOR.  Of course everyone has a favorite color (or five if you’re like me), but the challenge is knowing which ones to put together to make a beautiful palette that reflects your style. And this is a big decision b/c every decision after that will be in those colors, so it’s hard to go back.  Fortunately there’s tons of online sources that can help give you inspiration, so there’s no need to stress! Besides Pinterest, one of the BEST sites for color palette ideas is The Perfect Palette. Although my wedding was 2 years ago, I still browse this site regularly for ideas for interior decorating, birthday parties, & even outfits! As you can see, my logo had The Perfect Palette help as well ♥

The Knot is also a good resource. They recently had an article called “20 Crazy Color Combos That Actually Work.” I personally wouldn’t call them “crazy” b/c I think these days, anything goes with weddings & fashion – I would call them “unique.”  I’m going to make this a 2-part Wedding Wednesday blog so here’s the first 10 of the 20 Unique Color Combos!

Color names are listed underneath each picture.

Bubblegum & Grassy Green

Cherry & Mocha

Butter & Gold

Chocolate & Vanilla

Canary & Cotton Candy Pink

Navy & Fuchsia

Canteloupe & Grapefruit

Sunflower & Sea Glass Blue

Navy & Black

Pumpkin & Slate

Color board pictures via The Knot. Homepage featured image via here.

Have a great week & happy color picking!




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