Trees & Traditions

I know I’ve said this before, but seasonal traditions & celebrations are a large part of my life & how I love my every day.  This is especially important to me at Christmas time! One example is when it comes time to decorate the house, I put on Christmas socks (don’t judge), light all my holiday candles, turn on Elf, set out eggnog & cookies & dig in to the decor – all 8 HUGE bins of them.

Well this year things went slightly off plan…the night I dragged out all my bins, the power decided to go out in our neighborhood.  But I was still determined so we started decorating old school style by candlelight – except I couldn’t get the candles close enough to the tree to see or we would have had bigger problems that would have included the fire department!  So my husband got out his headlamps, yes headlamps, & I literally built my tree with a giant light stuck to my forehead.  Leave it to him to have gadgets galore, b/c then he hand-cranked up a radio so that we could listen to Christmas music (it’s one of those radios where you have to work for your music). Imagine “Here Comes Santa Clause” playing & slowly fading out..(Santa started leaving) & then a minute of a dramatic wind-up whine to get it to come back on – this went on about every 6 minutes.

Even though I couldn’t enjoy my eggnog (didn’t want to open the fridge), & then got attacked by a moth that had been hiding in the house & was suddenly attracted to my forehead (that’s another story), it was the most MEMORABLE Christmas decorating day yet! And isn’t that what it’s all about? So if you haven’t put up a tree via headlamp, I recommend at least trying it just for experience sake.

So remember the Dusty Teal color from last week’s blog that I chose for my tree’s jumping off color? Well, it ended up turning out a little different. Lesson learned: colors look drastically different on a new laptop screen than on an old desktop & then in real life. Below they look way darker & more gray-blue, but I still love how the overall palette of the tree came out – it’s all still in the same family!

I LOVE playing with empty ornaments, this year I filled some with ribbon..

And then I filled others with a mini string of pearls..

Silver is always my go-to accent color ♥

Love how my new silver candle holder sparkles & lights up the whole room!

This has nothing to do with my tree, but another unique experience I had this week was buying this SNOW bag (at Barnes & Noble) & walking out of the store in SHORT SLEEVES & FLIPFLOPS…craziness!

Click here to get this bag or see the other styles they have (FYI: they are having a special too, it’s discounted when you buy 2 other items in the store).

Have a great week & enjoy this Christmas season!



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