All Wrapped Up

Only 6 days until Christmas! Now I know some of you have been able to say this for weeks now, but I am proud to say that I am DONE with shopping & gift wrapping!! Given that I grew up an extreme procrastinator (I’m talking still wrapping last minute presents Christmas morning in my H.S. years), to have everything done a week early is quite a miracle. But I’ve gotten a LOT better in recent years, I guess that happens with age?

Gift wrapping is like decorating my house – I apply the same principles as I use for my furniture & bedding.

It’s true – & generally much easier! In your home, when starting with a neutral color (as in a couch, comforter, table, etc.) you can layer on bright, colorful accessories that will pop.. & then you’re able to change these accessories whenever you want. I’ve found this way of decorating to be especially beneficial in my own house because I constantly update it with the seasons! As you can see from last week’s blog, my tree color palette is a little bit non-traditional with all greens & teals & no reds. I went that route with my gift wrap accents this year as well, of course starting with a light cream base for all the packages.

These tags were handmade & hand-stamped – tags are one of my favorite parts about gift wrapping!You might recognize these green tags from my very 1st post, they are store-bought from Michaels.

These apothecary jars will make an appearance again! They are going to be used on the LYDD candy tables ♥

Small gifts look cute as place setting favors..


I will not be blogging next Wed – taking that week to spend time with family & try to organize what the new year will look like for the official opening of Love Your Day Designs!




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