Home is Where the Heart Is

I have realized that I am slowly becoming a homebody. My spontaneous, adventurous self 5 years ago would have rolled my eyes at the mere idea of the word. But that’s because I associated it with being boring & having “no life.” That was also before I graduated college, got married, & was thrown into the realistic world of a working adult.

Now, my home IS my life & the opposite of boring! It is where my husband & I have created our new life together & it is the home of this new business venture. It is also where all my “little things” live – the simplest of things, moments, & feelings that bring me joy every day. Of course I still like to go out & be adventurous, but I’m finally OK with being a homebody because I love my home & all the little things that make it a home. So these are a few of my favorite things (try not to hum that song in your head now – it’s impossible).

Sourced from my beloved Pinterest boards – click on the photos for their original link.

1. Coffee in Bed

My favorite thing to do on Saturday mornings w/a good mag. As a new small business owner, I wake up with a list of things to do & plan out how I can take advantage of all the hours.  By taking a second to stop & enjoy a weekend morning (& delicious coffee in a cute mug), I remember that the to-do list is not running my life.

2. Candles

I not only love candles for the seasonal smells & feeling of warmth & coziness, but also for the beautiful labeling. Sometimes I don’t even want to burn them b/c they are so pretty!

3. Outdoor Space

In my 1st apartment with my husband, we did not have an outdoor space & I was pretty depressed about it. So at our new house we built a deck from scratch b/c sitting outside, enjoying the sunshine is just part of quality of life!

4. Organization

I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to it! Call it OCD, but I am pretty obsessed with organizing every last corner, closet, drawer, & detail of my house…& I actually like doing it. It helps me create a simpler, clutter-free life where I always know where things are. And it just looks pretty too!

5. Soaps & Lotions

Like the candles, I’m all about the pretty labeling, colors, & bottle design.  This is one of the things I like to swap out at different seasons & I look forward to the next season’s smells & designs. Something as mundane as washing your hands becomes a little more exciting this way!

6. Seasonal Decor

In college I became known as “the girl whose apartment changes with the seasons.” These days I’m a little more tasteful about it (I used to go all out, just ask my roommates)! With my decorating passion & love for celebrating everything & anything seasonal, this is a natural expression of my interests. It also regularly keeps the house fresh & new!

7. Music

Lastly, music creates an atmosphere in my home that makes me feel..well, at home! It is always on in the background no matter what I am doing & is crucial to my productivity as well as relaxation. Working during the day I listen to upbeat jazz, while at night some Chris Botti will put me in a trance in a heartbeat. Here’s one of my favorite songs:

I challenge everyone to take a minute to enjoy the little things…it will definitely be worth it!





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