Crazy, Country & Chic

Today we are expecting some crazy weather down here in N.C. & it reminded me of another extreme day we had back in June.  So today’s post is showcasing an outdoor client party I designed that happened to fall on the hottest day of the year! I’m talking 105 degrees & setting all kinds of records kind of heat.  The kind of heat where anything that’s been outside for 2 seconds feels like its going to burst into flames (I literally wore oven mitts to handle the plates while setting up).

I was really torn about what to do b/c I had been planning it for months, collecting all kinds of outdoor decor & everything was all ready to be set up.  Did I mention it was also a surprise party? So there was no way we could change the date! Sounds like a miserable time right? Well thankfully despite the heat, the party was a huge success. It cooled off slightly by the time guests arrived that evening & I set up a misting booth, tents for shade, & plenty of bottled water.  Most of the food was indoors & the plates finally cooled enough to not require oven mitts! Almost all the guests were southern & totally used to hot summer nights on the patio – they really seemed to enjoy it. Phew!

The design theme was “Country Chic” w/a pink, turquoise, & green palette

Handmade pinwheel favor boxes, tags, & name cards

Of course I had to have mason jars! (These will be available in my rentals section coming soon on my new website)

Embellished coffee stirrers for the iced latte bar

Dessert display, how yummy do those cupcakes look?!

My version of a photo booth – hanging empty frames from a tree w/a beautiful lake background

The night ended with some sparkler fun when it got dark ♥

I had so much fun planning this party & look forward to more outdoor functions!  Hopefully it’ll be under 100 degrees next time..




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