Find Your Seat

Happy Wedding Wednesday!  When it comes to reception design, the decor is often featured on the tablescapes through linens, centerpieces, etc.  But there’s another display that serves a crucial purpose & has much design potential – seating charts!  Most guests who have attended weddings in the past are used to the typical layout of folded cards lined up in rows on a banquet table.  The seating chart is one of the 1st things guests experience when entering the reception, so why not make it memorable? There are so many ways to incorporate your wedding’s theme & brides are starting to get more creative with this display area, from edible escort cards to tree installations that look like art.  How cute & unique is this mailbox idea?! Here are more types of seating charts that will fit any style..

Click on the photos for a direct link to their source.

Hanging Cards

Themed Displays

Framed Charts

Double Duty


Have a great week & happy planning!




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