Pretty Planning

Happy Wedding Wednesday! A couple weeks ago I blogged about seating chart inspiration. In fact, there’s a lot of inspiration on this blog! But how do you move forward with your ideas & put that inspiration into place? Organization. It is KEY for planning a wedding & will equal less stress. There are so many moving parts (things you won’t even think to think of) & that’s why many decide to hire a wedding planner. Whether you go with a planner or not, it’s a good idea to keep a categorized binder for you to fill & edit as you go throughout the process.  Personally, I’m a binder & lists kind of girl so I was excited about picking mine out & making sure it was functional AND pretty.

This planning tool is something you will be looking at & carrying around with you everywhere for months & months, so it should be chosen with love ♥. It’s one of the first things you will pick out after getting engaged so below are some different directions you could go in choosing the perfect one.  Adding the above picture as the first page, you will always be reminded that even though there are many things to do, in the end you are getting MARRIED – so enjoy this time! Stay tuned for more planning posts as I will be sharing how to categorize your binder including helpful tools for each section.

Click on the photos for a direct link to their source. Homepage featured image via here.

Name Brand

Simple Elegance

Personal Touch

Above picture credit: Exclusively Weddings

Have a great week & happy planning!

♥ Rebecca



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