My Celeb Inspiration

There are a lot of people who inspire me.  Some are in my life, some don’t even know me, & some have their own TV shows (I’m pretty sure they don’t know me either).  Today I’m sharing the 5 shows that take up my DVR recording space. The majority of these shows are on HGTV & are home & interior design related.  But they all inspire me for different reasons & I always take away new ideas & enthusiasm that can be applied to event design. Above all, these people LOVE their job. They are passionate about their God-given talent & it is contagious & inspiring! There is a lot of junk on TV these days, so it is important to me to use the little down-time that I have to watch shows that are educational & productive. Call me a dork, but sometimes I even take notes..these people are THAT good!

1. Genevieve Gorder

On Dear Genevieve, she has fun with every project & has her own little design language.  Her signature is creating “vignettes” around the room that tell the client’s story & evokes emotion.  The beautiful spaces Genevieve creates are fashionable, yet always still feel comfortable like home should be. Most of all, I love her positivity & confidence!

2. Candice Olson

On Candice Tells All, her motto is “understanding the principles of design & knowing when to break them.” Her designs are always high-end & classy with a signature in lighting.  My favorite element of all her projects is the contrast of the beautiful materials she uses.  Candice’s 5 star hotel-like rooms inspire me to dream big!

3. Sarah Richardson

On Sarah’s House & Sarah 101, she has a methodical way of designing rooms, finding inspiration in a single object & using that as her “jumping off point” for the entire space.  From there, Sarah pulls her color palette & fabric scheme & then shops 2nd hand for unique vintage furniture. What I love most is her ability to take pieces that most people see as old or junk & turns it into a beautiful cohesive design!

4. The Kleiers

On Selling New York, this mother & daughters real-estate brokerage team inspires me to work really hard & never give up.  They are successful, self-made business women with a do-whatever-it-takes attitude. I love to watch them because they carry themselves confidently & show no fear, even when knowing that a sale might not work out. It is my way of getting motivated!

5. David Tutera

Wait a sec…who is that girl next to him? ; ) Yes, I got to personally meet one of my celeb inspirations!!!

On My Fair Wedding, David is an amazing wedding planner & designer. What I love about his work is that he never does a mediocre job – he goes all out every single time.  He also believes that it’s all about the bride & what she wants, making her dreams come true. Most of all, he really is as nice in person as he seems on his show!

Maybe one day I can meet the rest of my celeb inspirations, but for now I’ll just keep filling up my DVR : )

♥ Rebecca


One response to “My Celeb Inspiration

  1. Hey girl, how on earth did you meet that celeb designer?
    I am really impressed. I enjoyed your whole posting.
    your biggest fan


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