Trend Alert | Food Trucks

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Today I am sharing a really fun trend in the catering department.  Brides are continuing to steer away (no pun intended) from typical wedding reception traditions & are thinking outside the box.  Food trucks are a unique way to have local made-to-order food, a cool photo backdrop, & an interactive experience for guests to enjoy all in one.  The best part is, depending on your city, there are many different types of trucks from which to choose.  Here are 5 reasons why hiring a food truck may be worth your investment & will make your day memorable!

Click on the photos for a direct link to their source.

Great Service

Themed Menus

Matching Details

Fun for Guests

Unique Photos

Have a great week & happy planning!

♥ Rebecca



3 responses to “Trend Alert | Food Trucks

  1. I love food trucks for backyard and farm weddings or even a downtown wedding out on a veranda! We are doing a wedding with a food truck in May at Elodie Farms near Durham!

  2. What a unique experience that would be.
    To make it perfect, they would have to have
    Good Humor popsicles like we used to order from
    the Good Humor truck that popped through our
    neighborhood every summer afternoon.
    I am nostalgic just thinking about it!


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