An Inspiring City

I got a text today from my husband saying his work might be sending him to Quebec, Canada for a week!  Which is pretty ironic because around this time last year I traveled there with my younger sister, Ashley, who had just graduated from H.S. So my husband & I will now be able to say we have both been to Quebec after getting married – jut not together lol. Oh well, maybe one day! I got to thinking of all the fun my sister & I had & thought I’d share some pictures of our adventures :)

Ashley & I stayed in Old Town Quebec – a beautiful waterside city filled with quaint streets, french restaurants, & art everywhere you looked! It was the most amazing place to explore, & just when you thought you’d seen it all, there would be another hidden gem around the corner. I was so inspired by everything, & as you can see by the pictures, I was in heaven with all the beauty & art that surrounded us.

Artisans had tents & booths set up on many of the streets..

Our hotel, Hotel le Port Royal, was beautiful on the inside & out. Here is the front porch & hotel restaurant..

The bottom picture is the hotel’s lobby. I just LOVE how they mimicked design elements seen in the top picture of a nearby tunnel – there were little hidden tunnels & alleyways like this everywhere!

Nightly light show on the harbor near our hotel..

The Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica – I remember studying this in my college Art History courses!

Inside the church – the architecture was stunning..

Ridiculous views, I mean really Quebec? Not sure you can get any more picture perfect!

The famous Montmorency Falls..

Multiple art galleries had our last name (my maiden) on them! Now I know where my love of art came from ;)

It’s too bad my husband’s trip will involve work!

Hope you all have a great week :)

♥ Rebecca



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