Tea Time

My dining room table doesn’t get used very often. At this stage in my husband’s & my life, we are a sit-at-the-coffee-table-with-dinner-&-chat-about-our-day kind of couple.  But when there is a reason to celebrate & entertain, my dining room gets its moment in the spotlight! On Sunday I hosted a Mother’s Day Tea Party for my mom, grandmother & aunt (& daughters) – now all living in close proximity to me & to each other for the first time since I was born.  So I tried to make it extra special with pretty desserts, favors & place cards :)

The desserts were store-bought & the cake pops were handmade & dipped in green melting chocolate to match the flower stems.  My place-mats from Bed Bath & Beyond were the inspiration that led to the color palette of navy blue & yellow with pops of green.  The flowers were from Trader Joe’s with some arranged in up-cycled Ginger Ale bottles – I just loved the label design & have been saving them for months for the perfect occasion!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day this year!

♥ Rebecca


6 responses to “Tea Time

  1. You did an excellent job Rebecca. This layout looks fabolous. I too don’t have a big family at home so whenever I can organise get-togethers at mine, I go all out. Next time I will have to wow my friends and family with home made cake pops.

  2. I really enjoyed scrolling through all the pictures and reading your comments. It was a visual delight to look at all the small pretty details such as the green cake pops and ginger ale flower displays. All of these details combined created such a stunning tea party presentation–loved it and wished I could have been there!


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