Love Your Vacay

Happy Love Your Monday! I just got home late last night from an AMAZING cruise to the Caribbean.  Anyone who needs a total pampering, best-value-for-your-money vacay, I definitely recommend Royal Caribbean! The only downside is the mindset after the trip – I’m wondering why nobody is offering me endless food, cleaning my bathroom, or turning down my bed at night with a towel pet waiting for me upon my return from a private island ;)

Nevertheless, I think it is important for everyone to leave stress & reality at home for at least a couple days somewhere to relax & come back refreshed & ready to take on life again with a new attitude – you deserve it!

Source via here.

♥ Rebecca

{ About this *FORMER* category: Mondays are infamous for being the least loved day of the week so it is my goal to start the week off with happy inspiration & motivation. Let’s break the bad rap that Monday has been given! }



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