Blog + inspiration = blogspiration! Today I am sharing my favorite blogs & how they inspire me.  You may remember a similar post back in March about my Celeb Inspiration. Those TV icons spark my passions on a broader level, motivating me to always keep learning & adapting. The difference today is that the writers behind these blogs are mentors on a smaller, young-woman-business-owner level.  Every day they share their amazing talents & beautiful designs while at the same time keep it real & honest throughout their blog entries.  So if you are looking for a down-to-earth, inspirational coach (+ pretty pictures), grab a cup of coffee & soak up what these industry leaders have to say for free!

1. Lara Casey Media

{ View Blog } Lara is a motivational speaker, branding & business coach, artist, online shop owner, & founder/editor of Southern Weddings Magazine. She is an incredible mentor for creative entrepreneurs as well as a Christian role model with a heart for openly sharing her testimony & faith.

2. Hey Gorgeous Events

{ View Blog } Rhiannon is a wedding planner, designer, & florist. Her attention to pretty details is what makes her so successful & inspiring. She also has a background in journalism & is a wonderful writer with lots of good advice & motivation for newer entrepreneurs in the industry (+ LOTS of gorgeous pictures)!

3. Emily Ley

{ View Blog } Emily is a paper & gifts designer, branding & business coach, motivational speaker, & online shop owner.  She is well known for her organizational & motivational products (with pretty designs of course) & things that help make life easier & happier. Her “Simplified Planner,” which helps women balance life & business, continues to sell out!

4. Katelyn James Photography

{ View Blog } No, I am not a photographer. I first heard about & met Katelyn through my brother, as they were friends & music teammates in Intervarsity Christian Fellowship at CNU.  When I checked out her beautifully designed blog, full of insightful entrepreneur tips that can be applied to any type of creative business, I was hooked!

5. Lovely Little Details

{ View Blog } Like Rhiannon, Jacin is a wedding planner, designer, & florist with attention to pretty details – but with 10+ years of experience under her belt!  Her mason jar branding & business identity comes from her childhood memories & grandmother who loved canning. Jacin continues the legacy with the “Jars of Love” where proceeds go to those in need.

Have a wonderful week!

♥ Rebecca

*The homepage featured image for this post is from Lara Casey Media.



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