Season of Second Chances


Happy Wednesday! Two Monday’s ago I blogged the last Love Your Monday post in its series (view here).  While I have enjoyed writing them, I decided to go back to blogging one day a week in order to free up some time to focus on my business. I’ve also realized that most Love Your Monday material can be applied to ANY day of the week. Therefore, I will continue to periodically post the same motivational content on Wednesdays in the new category, Love Your Day – seems like an appropriate addition to this blog right?!  ;)

Today’s inspirational pictures are watercolor paintings by Etsy Shop owner, Kathleen Maunder.  I know I’m a little early for Autumn because summer is definitely not over yet (MAN was it hot in N.C. this week!)…but I am just SO excited for Fall to arrive.  For those who share my joy in celebrating all the little things that come with every season know what I’m talking about!  This quote is a wonderful example of the sheer beauty that Autumn brings through its warm, multicolored foliage.

As usual, I have a metaphorical take as well :) “Autumn is a second Spring” – the tree has another chance to show the world its potential.  Our own lives too have different seasons. Some are pretty, & some are not-so-pretty. Sometimes we are shining bright, while at other times we tend to retreat.  What gives us hope is that the not-so-great seasons will always pass. Better yet, we can learn so much from them & use the second chances to be a light & help others. Who knows, the next season might be the most beautiful yet!




Have a great week & enjoy this last month of summer!

♥ Rebecca


3 responses to “Season of Second Chances

  1. Those sentiments about fall were delightful!
    My dear, you have a splendid way with words.
    I love fall too. There is something invigorating about it.
    And the colors of the foliage are absolutely thrilling.


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