Big Changes

Last week I shared the “Making Things Happen” PowerSheets I’ve been working on this month, as well as revealing I had a big announcement for this week’s blog.  It’s something that hasn’t been made official until recently & is all happening very quickly!

1. My husband & I are moving to Minnesota – he accepted an exciting new job that is starting in a couple weeks.  Now, I’ve moved a lot. In fact this will be my 6th state & 18th home – but I have never experienced such a drastic climate change.  The majority of my life has been spent in the South-East (currently in NC) where the average low is around 20 degrees & even a hint of a snowflake shuts down the city. In Duluth, MN the average low is a cozy 30! Nevertheless, we are VERY excited to start another chapter of our life together & explore a new region!  I look forward to writing in a new category: The Adventures of a Southern Beach Girl in Northern MN. First post? Dog sledding ;)

2. Love Your Day Designs will temporarily close. Today is my last blog post for a while & I will also update my website accordingly.  After we get settled in, I will be applying for a new business license, however I’m not yet sure of the timeline.  The other exciting news is that when I do re-open, LYDD will be a little different – but a really good different :) That’s all I can say for now!

For the above picture source & more like it from the storm of 2007 in Duluth, click here…. & then say a little prayer for us ;)

Until next time (a few months), have a WONDERFUL Autumn season, enjoy the little things, & love every day!

♥ Rebecca


2 responses to “Big Changes

  1. Good luck with your upcoming move! I look forward to the changes with LYDD. Hopefully you’ll be up and running before my wedding as you had wonderful ideas back in July when I met you at PWG bridal show.


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